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Airbnb Insurance Vermont

What is Airbnb insurance?

Short-term Airbnb rentals can provide a sizeable investment, part-time, or even full-time income. Listing on Airbnb and renting to unknown guests comes with some risks, though. Airbnb insurance may help Vermont hosts listing through the platform protect their properties and themselves.

Airbnb insurance offers tailored protection for hosts listing their properties. Policies usually protect against property damage, injury lawsuit, and other risks.

Who in Vermont should have Airbnb host insurance?

Most hosts who list Vermont properties on online short-term rental platforms might want Airbnb host insurance. This broadly includes hosts listing on Airbnb, Vrbo, and similar platforms.

This recommendation broadly applies to most situations, regardless of property type or income generated. Hosts ought to consider coverage regardless of whether they list multiple properties that are regularly rented, or just occasionally have someone stay in their home. Policies might be purchased for houses, guesthouses, cabins, condominiums, apartments, and most other properties that can be listed on these platforms.

What coverages do Airbnb host policies offer?

Airbnb host policies may come with a few different coverages. Some important ones to consider might be:

  • Dwelling Coverage: Usually insures the listed property against damage that renters, their guests, other persons, or covered events might cause.
  • Personal Property Coverage: Usually insures items in the listed property against damage and theft, whether damaged by renters, other people, or a covered event.
  • Liability Coverage: Usually insures against lawsuits that renters, their guests, or others might bring if they’re injured on the property.

Can Airbnb host insurance cover a multi-month lease?

Airbnb host insurance is primarily designed for short-term rentals, and usually isn’t the best choice for multi-month leases. Landlord insurance is normally the better choice for a traditional multi-month rental agreement.

Airbnb Insurance Vermont

Does Airbnb itself give hosts any insurance protections?

AirCover for Hosts is an Airbnb-provided insurance policy that’s provided to most hosts at no charge. The insurance may provide up to $3 million in property coverage and $1 million in liability coverage. 

While such protections certainly can be valuable, the AirCover for Hosts program has important limitations. Most importantly, it normally only applies when a property is rented through the platform. Damage and accidents that happen outside of rentals probably won’t be covered. Hosts also aren’t able to customize the coverage if they have specific needs.

Because of these limitations, it’s often wise to get an Airbnb host policy even though the platform may provide some coverage.

Will homeowners insurance cover an Airbnb rental?

Some homeowners insurance policies might extend coverage to an occasional Airbnb rental, but this is far from guaranteed. Not all homeowners policies include such protection, and those that do may only provide it as an optional add-on. The terms of a homeowners policy and particulars of a rental both impact whether the rental would be covered.

An insurance agent who specializes in Airbnb host insurance understands what protections hosts should have when renting out their own house. A knowledgeable agent can check whether those protections are available through a given homeowners policy, or whether an affordable Airbnb host policy should be purchased.

How much do Airbnb hosts pay when getting their own insurance?

The premiums for Airbnb host policies vary based on factors like the following:

  • Property location
  • Property size and value
  • Frequency of rentals
  • Chosen coverages and limits
  • Host’s claims history

In general, however, these policies tend to be affordable. An independent insurance agent can help hosts get quotes from several insurers, to see what a policy for their Airbnb listing would be.

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Where can Vermont residents get Airbnb insurance for their listings?

If you list a Vermont property on Airbnb, Vrbo or a similar platform, contact us at Palmer Insurance. Our agents will work with you to review Airbnb’s provided protections, your homeowners policy, and your listing-related coverage needs. We can then help you find the best Airbnb insurance solution for your property.

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